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Village Activities

Activities organised by the Pink Village Amsterdam, such as dances, museum and film visits, walks, readings and drinks, are announced in the news items (only in Dutch) and listed in the agenda (only in Dutch).

Neighbourhood Groups

Our Pink Village is made up of neighbourhood groups, fostering neighbourliness. Each group organises its own activities so that we can get to know and help each other.


As well as publicising news items (in Dutch), we also circulate a monthly newsletter in Dutch. Register here to subscribe, and be kept informed about what is happening within the Pink Village Amsterdam.

Who are we?

Pink Village Amsterdam is a pink neighbourliness network for all 50+ LGBTQI-ers in and around Amsterdam. Care for yourself and for others. Now and later on.

General Information

Pink Village Amsterdam is a pink neighbourliness network for all 50+ LGBTQI-ers in and around Amsterdam. Care for yourself and for others. Now and later on. That’s who we are!

What does Pink Village Amsterdam do?

We think it’s important to get to know each other. That’s why our members organise various activities, mostly stemming from their own interests. So there’s the opportunity to go on walks together (over varying distances), play pool or bridge, or see a movie or visit a museum (sometimes with a lunch thrown in as well). Themed meetings are organised, also monthly ‘drinks’ and readings relevant to our target group. All activities are listed in our agenda on our website and in the monthly newsletter.

As well as getting to know each other, we would like to give visibility to the idea of pink neighbourliness by connecting our members. If you need help or you would like to offer some assistance, you can do that through our ‘Help Required and Offered’ form. In this way we enable contact between our members on a reciprocal basis.

An exchange doesn’t need to be on an equal footing, but it must show mutual respect.

We also like to give substance to our pink neighbourliness by setting up neighbourhood groups, in which members from the same area can get to know each other and, if necessary, offer support. The organisation of any activities is initiated by the groups themselves.

Governing Board

Pink Village Amsterdam has been a registered foundation since October 23, 2017, and consists of the following board members:

  • Ineke Kraus (chair)
  • Oscar Weijmer (treasurer)
  • Vacancy (secretary)
  • Ruud Nederveen (general board member)
  • Koos Spanjer (general board member)
  • Karen van Dijken (general board member)

Since its foundation, Pink Village Amsterdam has grown fast. In a short period, the number of participants and active committees has vastly increased, and all sorts of activities have been set up which now form a major part of our village. Many neighbourhood groups have also been initiated.

As a governing body, we strive, together with our committees, activity participants and neighbourhood groups, to form a committed community, where we explore opportunities to grow old in a healthy and happy way. We do this within our village and, where possible, with already existing groupings.

The governing board is available for questions and comments:



  • Themed meetings: Pink Village Amsterdam organises a themed meeting every two or three months, where everyone is welcome. Meetings are announced well in advance in the newsletter. If you have a subject for the meeting, which you consider to be important, send us an email
  • Museum visits and lunch: Visit a museum and discuss a particular exhibition, followed by lunch. Canceled for the moment.
  • Film: Our film group goes to the movies every fourth Sunday afternoon (round about 4pm) and each second Tuesday evening (at about 7pm) in the month. Contacts: Jeanette and Lode. Send an email
  • Dancing: Together with the organisation ‘Het Open Huis’, Pink Village’s dance committee organises a PINK DANCE every month in Het Open Huis, Bilderdijkpark 12A, Amsterdam, beginning at 3pm. For 50+ LGBTQI-ers and anyone else who feels at home there. If you want to know more about dancing, ask the dance committee
  • Cycling: A few Pink Villagers have set up a cycling club and regularly organises cycling trips (spread over a day or more). If you want to join them, just send Franz a mail
  • Monthly drinks: We organise a Pink Village drinks meeting every third Thursday in the month. We change the location every three months, so be sure to check our newsletter and website
  • Pool: Every fortnight (even-numbered weeks) on Monday evenings. The location can change (it’s currently Poollokaal De Gracht, Nieuwe Achtergracht 110, Amsterdam), so best to mail Thea first.
  • Walking: Every first Saturday of the month, a short walk, maximum 15 kilometres, and every third Saturday a long walk of up to 20 kilometres (approx.). Interested? Any questions? Send an email to Franz and Bart!
  • Bridge: We aim to play bridge once or twice a month in different locations. If can play bridge ( with 1-2 years’ experience), then come and join us. We follow the 5-card major bidding system. For more information, mail Jaap and ellekari

Keep an eye on the monthly agenda (only in Dutch), which contains all the data about the (new) activities. If you want to start up a new activity or just need more information, send us an email.

Other Villages in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has many villages. A village is an initiative taken by, and for inhabitants in a particular area, to achieve a (modern) feeling of neighbourliness. They are for people of all ages, including 50+. Some are formal organisations, others are categorised as ‘movements’. For an overview see Amsterdam Stadsdorpen (in Dutch).


Neighbourhood email addresses – part 1

East – Postcodes 1091 – 1098, 1078-1079
Email :

Bos and Lommer neighbourhood, Old West, Van Galenstraat neighbourhood, Overtoomseveld area – Postcodes 1055-1058
Email :

Buitenveldert – Amstelveen – Postcodes 1081-1083, 1180-1189
Email :

East of Centre: Weesperstraat and Plantage areas stretching as far as Artis Zoo – Postcodes 1011, 1012, 1018 (as far as Nieuwe Vaart)
Email :

Diemen and Duivendrecht – Postcodes 1111-1113, 1115
We have decided not to set up a separate neighbourhood group for Diemen, so we merged with Pink Diemen

Canal Ring East – Postcode 1017
Email :

West of Centre, Canal Ring West, Jordaan, Western Islands area – Postcodes 10125, 1016, 1013 (Western Islands as far as the Westerkanaal)
Email :

Hoofddorpplein Neighbourhood – Postcodes 1058, 1059, 1075, 1076
Email :

Neighbourhood email addresses – part 2

Kinker and Helmers Neighbourhoods – Postcodes 1053, 1054
Email :

Eastern Islands – Postcodes 1018,1019
Email :

Museum Quarter – Postcodes 1071, 1075, 1076
Email :

New West – Postcodes 1060-1069
Email :

North – Landsmeer – Postcodes 102-1035 + Landsmeer
Email :

De Pijp and Rivieren Neighbourhoods – Postcodes 1072-1074, 1078, 1079
Email :

Westerpark-Spaarndammer, Staatslieden and Frederik Hendrik Neighbourhoods _ Postcodes 1051, 1052 and 1013
Email :

IJburg – Postcodes 1087, 1095
Email :

Southeast (Bijlmer, Venserpolder, Gaasperdam, Driemond) – Postcodes 1100-1108
Email :


Pink Village Amsterdam

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